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Dirk Dashing 1.0 is an entertaining game developed by My Game Company
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My Game Company

Dirk Dashing 1.0 is an entertaining game developed by My Game Company. Users have claimed that it is really funny and easy to play. The game is about an agent that has been assigned to recover the seven largest diamonds in the world and save the world from E.V.I.L in a side-scrolling and action-packed adventure. A really good thing about this game is that there's no violence like we see in almost every video game, Dirk Dashing 1.0 has no blood, no gore, no fist-fights or any other kind of gratuitous violence. You will be able to play it using either your keyboard, your joystick or your game pad. There are plenty of levels to explore. You will get the instructions to get you started and you'll easily play it and have a lot of fun. This game also has a lot of spectacular hand-painted graphics, cool spy gadgets, and a rich collection of zany cartoon sound effects. It is really easy to buy, you just have to go to the home page, select the game, and then click where it says "Buy it". This game has a lot of awards that prove that it is indeed a really cool video game.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • Easy to play
  • No blood or fist-fights
  • Huge levels to explore
  • Nice sound effects


  • It has no disadvantages
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